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A11.  FOG Program

A summary of the updates to the current Howard County FOG Program is as follows:


A new revised proposal has been sent to the Utilities Bureau Chief for his review. This proposal when completed by Utilities will be sent to the County Council for final approval so that it can be added to the Sewer Use Ordinance.



In 2015, the County has 689 Food Service Establishments. Among them 275 have outdoor grease interceptors, and 273 have indoor grease traps. The indoor grease traps are supposed to be inspected twice every year and the outside grease interceptors are inspected once every year. From July through December 2015, there were 365 inspections performed by the pretreatment department.

The vehicle service program has been reestablished in the pretreatment department during the year of 2015. As of December 2015 there are currently 213 vehicle service facilities permitted in Howard County. Of these 213 facilities 85 have oil/water separators located at their facility. These oil/water separators are to be inspected once per year to ensure proper maintenance has been conducted. From July through December of 2015, there was 193 inspections performed for the vehicle service program.


From July to December 2015, there were three (3) grease related SSO incidents reported. The estimated volume of the two SSO incidents adds up to 10,250 gallons. See Attachment D.